In action

Bellhop Files for travel


Ever rummaged through your bag at the check-in counter looking for your passport? Or held up the queue at the gate because your boarding pass was buried by books and snacks?

Bellhop Files are ideal to help you stay organised when travelling.

You may choose some of the following ways to sort your bag:

Travel documents – passports, tickets, boarding passes

Essentials – wallet, phone, keys

Personal – toiletries, moisturiser, makeup, deodorant, etc

Snacks – snacks & treats to keep the family happy

Toys – colouring pencils, notepad, books, blocks, small toys to keep the kids busy


The files can fit in with your itinerary

Airport/Travel – carry all files.

Sightseeing in town – leave the travel documents file in the hotel safe, clip together Essentials, Personal, Snacks and perhaps Toys if travelling with kids.

Out at night – leave the travel documents file in the hotel safe, leave the Snacks file behind. Take Essentials and clip on the Toys files if you need them too.







A day with Bellhop Files

On a weekend visiting friends with your little one, you could set up your files similar to the following:

1. Essentials – wallet, phone, keys, sunglasses

2. Snacks – a range of healthy snacks to calm a hungry child

3. Toys – small toys for entertainment in cafes

4. Outdoor – sunscreen, hat and sunglasses for your child, wipes


The files can help you to carry only the things you need when you need them.

1. Breakfast in a cafe – bag contains files 1, 2, 3.

2. Play in the park – bring files 1 & 4. Unclip the other files and leave in the car.

3. Go to the shops – take files 1 & 2.  Unclip the other files and leave in the car.

4. Afternoon walk to the park – clip files 1,2 & 4 to the pram.

5. If you go out by yourself (!) – only file 1 is required!